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Teaching Experience:
For three years, I was an instructor of undergraduate English courses at Purdue University. I taught a range of students from all majors, freshmen through seniors and even some adult education students during the summer session. I taught six semesters of First-Year Composition (ENGL 106); three semester of Introduction to Creative Writing (ENGL 205); and two semesters of Business Writing (ENGL 420). In addition, for one semester I taught a Learning Community section of ENGL 106: Entrepreneurship & Innovation. My training included weekly mentorship for all three courses. In addition, I frequently served as a substitute instructor for upper-level undergraduate fiction writing courses.

In addition to teaching at a university, I also have seven years of experience teaching creative writing workshops to students in elementary school, middle school, and high school. Every summer I organize and instruct the Write On! Summer Writing Camp (as part of my nonprofit organization Write On! For Literacy) in my hometown of Ventura, California. More information about Write On! For Literacy can be found at http://www.writeonbooks.org/